Geography 2050

Dr. David Kaplan

Kent State University

Dr. David Kaplan is a Professor of Geography at Kent State University since 1995. He is the President of the American Association of Geographers, the editor-in-chief of the Geographical Review, and an editor of National Identities. He has written more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and chapters, and has also published numerous books, including Segregation in Cities (1998), Nested Identities (1999), Boundaries and Place (2002), Human Geography (2012), Urban Geography (2004), Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy (2006), Perthes World Atlas (2009), and the four-volume Nations and Nationalism: A Global Historical Overview (2008). Dr. Kaplan’s research interests include nationalism, borderlands, ethnic and racial segregation, urban and regional development, housing finance, and sustainable transportation. Dr. Kaplan has directly supervised about 40 graduate students, and teaches courses on many different aspects of human geography.