Geography 2050

Mr. James Pickle


Mr. James “Eddie” Pickle is Managing Director of Open Source Programs at Maxar, where he leads company efforts that combine automation, data science, AI and Machine Learning, and advanced open source software development to create cloud-based geospatial capabilities. Before coming to Radiant, he was the founding CEO of Boundless (formerly OpenGeo), leading the company in its spinoff from its non-profit parent. A population geographer by training, Mr. Pickle has worked in the geospatial industry for more than 30 years, and has been a senior executive at RadiantBlue Technologies, and Claritas and IXI Corporation where he led sales, data development, and data solutions. He was also one of the founders and senior executives of the Open Geospatial Consortium web services pioneer Ionic Software, and served as its CEO until its purchase by ERDAS in 2007. He has worked with commercial, government, and non-governmental organizations worldwide, is a Councilor of the American Geographical Society, and founded both the FedGeoDay and FOSS4G North America open geospatial tech-ecosystem conference series. Mr. Pickle holds a Masters degree in Geography from UCLA with a specialization in demography, and a BA in Geography from the University of Tennessee.