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Mr. Sidney Novoa

Amazon Conservation (ACCA)

Mr. Sidney Novoa is a Peruvian director at Amazon Conservation (ACCA) for GIS & Technology Applied for Conservation with more than 10 years of experience as a researcher and manager in resource management, biological monitoring, and threat monitoring of the Amazon forests. Mr. Novoa has a Master’s in Biological Conservation and Sustainability from the Ecological Research Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he develops a research in the strategies of indigenous communities to face with the climate change. He is co-developer if the Monitoring Andean-Amazon Project (MAAP), a portal where it is promoted the use of geographic information and remote sensing to present high-impact technical reports in an easily accessible format about the Amazon threats, publishing more than 80 articles regarding deforestation drivers, forest fires, floods, natural forest loss. Currently, he is also program manager of the SERVIR Amazonia program, an effort between NASA and USAID to improve local capacity in the co-design services and solutions based on satellite data and geospatial information to foster sustainable natural resource management throughout the Amazon.